2. Final Layout and design.

  3. Due to not being able to fit in a quick shoot I decided that i wanted to do some sketches. 

  4. Trying some design ideas out.

    I am still undecided if I should draw a design or not, I think it detracts from the images. 

  5. I started looking online for borders and designs, but after looking and downloading some free online I have decided that in this I think it really detracts from the photos, so i will just add a colour border and draw some sketches I think.


  6. Unfortunately after checking dates with Shade and being so close to the deadline I have come to realise that there are no dates before hand in that we are both free. We have arranged a date after however i am know panic-ing about what I will do. I will now getting messaging people I have worked with before to try and fit a quick last minute shoot in, however I am now only available wednesday 28th or Saturday 31st. If I can’t manage to find someone I might have to try and think of a back up plan. 


  7. Update..

    Unfortunately my model messaged me this morning saying she was unable to make it due to her boyfriend being taken to hospital last night. She apologised and asked if we could rearrange the shoot, and gave me the dates she was available. 
    When I received her text I was in the middle of setting up, I tried messaging models i had worked with before to see if they could do a last minute shoot however most weren’t free and the others didn’t reply, so I had to call my mua and cancel.

    i will now go through the dates my model messaged me and see if my mua can do any as well


  8. Things I need to bring…

    26th May Studio/Location Shoot

    -Macbook and Charger
    - QP Cards
    - Hard Drive
    - Camera and Lenses
    - Battery and Battery Charger
    - Reflector
    - Make Up Wipes
    - Safety Pins
    - Hair Grips

  9. Layout ideas.

    I have made a couple of layout ideas on Indesign, I want t make my look book simple and eye-catching.

  10. Looking at layouts, design behind floral.