1. First concept as ‘Black Milk’

    James posted this on his blog in may 2009, announcing to the world he was going to be launching a label. 

  2. Looking at Black Milk’s Instagram

  3. My Project Brief

  4. Looking at other websites.

  5. Looking at Asos.com and their fashion photos.

  6. Looking at other websites.


  7. FMP

    Black milk - 
    Whole community.
    Lots of different ways to go - 
    The whole mystery behind the company
    Online only
    Limited pieces

    Documentary style - go to meet ups! Go to someones house? Interview..?
    Studio/Fashion - plain, stock style images of models and the clothes

    Get the whole team to be in the community.

  8. Found a couple of photos with fantastic leg wear from some very interesting photographers today, one of which is Cedric Buchet. 

    After researching into his work a little more I noticed that he is a fashion photographer and has done a lot of celebrities, I have uploaded both. I think he has two very different styles to his work but they both work really well. I love the tights in the first two, it’s what drew me to the images originally. He manages to focus purely on the leg-wear - the item presumably the image is meant to sell. 

    The second two are stand fashion portraits, one on location and one in a studio but as they are for magazine covers they are produced in the same style. 

  9. Looking at the Black Milk Blog.



  10. FMP Brief Notes.

    Presentation: 5th Feb (Initial ideas & back-up)

    Sign off: 17th Feb (Final idea)
    Hand in: 23rd May (Final submission)

    • You write the brief. What you want to do. Need to write a formal brief for it - whose the client, have a clear final outcome- Brief to be signed off.
    • 2 terms = double the time. = double the credits = substantial body of work. more comprehensive final outcome. 
    • Develop a few ideas - back up incase original is a non-starter etc.
    • High quality of presentations.

    Studio = Phase 1, capture 1      Location= Own camera, Lightroom.

    Another unit attached - 15 credits. 

    • Major project report - flexible on format. DWB tumblr as advantage.
    • Not specifically an essay, can be creative as long as its coherent. 

    To submit: 

    • DWB
    • Individual pitch on 5th 
    • RAW & JPEG & QP frames
    • Final images presented in professional manner.